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Today’s Look: Shirt and Leathers @rag_bone, Blazer@RRodriguezStyle, Neck @vincecamuto, Wedge@RICKOWENSONLINE, Watch @chopard

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Hey guys, in case you missed the news: Johnny’s Facebook has been hacked. He’s started a new, official Facebook page here: 


Please share around! And don’t forget to unlike the hacked page!

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IMPORTANT: Johnny’s facebook


His current facebook page has been compromised. The last few current updates did NOT come from him, but rather the person who has control over it. Please see this tweet.

Spread the word!!

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This Is From My Heart.” Our story thus far: Johnny is in LA and all we’re getting is OOTD pics, so here’s some exclusive picspam of him doing commentary in Sochi plus the rest of his wonderful Russian interview plus him looking absolutely gorgeous at Elton John’s Oscar after-party. For the full Sochi series and additional completely random Johnny pics, please click thru to the blog.

1 & 2 from Johnny’s Instagram; 3-6 exclusive pics © Elena Vasileva, with 15+ more on the blog; 7 & 8 via Getty.

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Must-see video from Johnny’s appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers! No matter what the venue, he and partner-in-crime Tara Lipinski continue to reign supreme at figure skating commentary. Presenting: The 30 Rock Lunchtime Figure Skating Olympics!

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We Have Fun Every Time.” All-new @JohnnyGWeir pics/vids from his reunion with Tara Lipinski in NYC! They host a US Paralympic Opening Ceremony viewing party, then head on over to Late Night With Seth Meyers for an amazing interview and lolworthy figure-skating commentary segment. Click thru for lots more photos and must-see video from the show!

Photos 1-4 via Getty; 5 & 6 via Instagram.

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Johnny Weir in Custom Pot luck and Tara Lipinski in Rani Zakhem at The 2014 Academy Awards


Johnny Weir in Custom Pot luck and Tara Lipinski in Rani Zakhem at The 2014 Academy Awards

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This is happening right now @decadesinc@johnnygweir Oscar shopping” 

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